So the other day I had the absolute pleasure of attending the networking event put on by The Bloggers Hub. I had an insane time, I met so many lovely new bloggers and writers and hope to remain in touch with as many of them as I can, and hopefully attend future Bloggers Hub events!

Anyway, when I was at the function I had a tonne of people asking me where my outfit was from, so I thought I would write a little post about one of my favourite looks and where I got it!

If you know me, you’ll already be aware of the fact I tend to live in over-sized clothes and right now the oversized T-shirt dress is my favourite! I think I must own a good half-dozen of them.

The one I wore to The Bloggers Hub was from Zara weirdly enough. I was surprised because I don’t usually shop there, I always considered it to be a bit bland for me, as someone who likes to dress in predominantly bright colours and sparkles. But when I went in there a couple of weeks a go with a friend, I was pleasantly surprised to find they actually had quite a few snazzy pieces, a couple of which I had to buy there and then.

Photo courtesy of @lovemasieblog !

Photo courtesy of @lovemasieblog !

Now the boots I wore are from the ever amazing Public Desire. I honestly cannot stress my love for this site enough, I was always so hesitant about buying shoes online as they never ever fit me upon arrival, but these boots are not only super comfy, but they’re friggin fabulous to look at too!


These boots are my life  • • • • #boots #styleblogger #style #publicdesire #fashion #shoes #love #sparkle #personalstyle #blogger #bloggerstyle #blog #lifestyle #girl #ootd #pink #black #star #photography #contrast #ukblogger #fblogger

These boots are my life

Teamed with a standard little black choker from Toyshop that I bought half a century ago, that’s quite literally it. I never said my outfits were complicated…


Photo Courtesy of @metrogypsie !

Photo Courtesy of @metrogypsie !

Hope this helped!