Earlier this month we were lucky enough to take a trip to Amsterdam, so I thought I would share a few snaps from our week in the city.

13523723_10204720015560166_1972280132_oNow I knew a lot of people rode bikes in Amsterdam, but I don’t think anything prepares you for the sheer herds of cycles, lining every street.13523724_10204720015760171_1347429353_oStill too soon…

13549288_10204720015360161_1171714665_oStreet art, EVERYWHERE 

13518161_10204720015200157_1432123656_oThe cacti collection at the flower market was every tumblr-oids wet dream.

13555869_10204720015680169_242327067_oPlease someone tell me you can find these in the UK, because honestly I’ve never tasted such fruity goodness.

13555622_10204720011960076_1191521989_oSammy pretty much had to hold me back from taking a picture every time we passed a canal. (There are a lot of canals…)

13517929_10204720011400062_1803302099_oShh, I know these aren’t exclusive to Amsterdam, but MY GOD was this the most delicious milkshake that has ever graced my taste-buds. (I had the Chocolate brownie and Sammy had Caramel Chew, just in case you were wondering)

13499734_10204720011720070_129649486_oNaturally we had to do some cringey couple stuff while we were away, one of which was visitng a lock bridge, and yes, we put our own little padlock on there (its the one at the top!)