For forever now, I’ve been hearing about how Korean skincare is the best out there. I’ve watched countless Youtube videos and read posts about it, and finally I decided to try some out for myself.
I got myself a ‘Snail Essence’ Face-mask, as the use of snail slime is meant to be very popular in Korean skin care routines, (surprisingly I’ve started to see it a lot more in Western skin care now too.)


Once out of the packaging, the mask reminded me very much of the Garnier hydro-bomb face sheets with the way they make you look like something from Friday the 13th. It had the same consistency and applied to the face in the same way, with the only real difference being in the smell. Not that it smelt bad, it just didn’t have that same uber fresh smell that I’m used to with my skin products. That being said I am essentially putting snail gunk on my face, so what can I expect.


Could totally double up as a halloween mask.


Something I really liked about this mask was that when it came to pulling the sheet off my face after about 30 minutes, the vast majority of the product had soaked into my skin. I use face sheets a lot, and even though I love them and find that they make my skin feel great afterwards, when I pull the mask off even after leaving it on my face for ages, the sheet is always still soaking wet as though not all of the product has sunk in.


Once my face had dried and all the residue was rubbed in, my skin felt slightly tight but in a really satisfying way, it almost feels plumper.
I’d definitely use the snail essence masks again, and think that they would be great to use before a night out as they make your skin look super healthy and plump which makes your makeup go on so smoothly.
Has anyone tried any other Korean skin care products/routines that they can recommend? I’d love to try some more!