I’m officially back in Southampton! I haven’t posted anything in what seems like forever, partly because for the first two weeks of living in my new house (which is just fab by the way) we had no internet and partly because of settling back into uni, but I’m back now so all is gooood!
So I was in town the other day and picked up a few new lipsticks, and I must say, I think I’ve found the one. I got this gorgeous orangey hued matte piece from Seventeen in the shade ‘Orange me Gorgeous.’

I’m not usually a massive wearer of lipstick, but this shade is just so flattering with everything I wear, I cant stop using it. It’s incredibly pigmented and seems to last forever, even eating and drinking disrupts the colour very little. My only fault with the product is that because it’s a matte lipstick, it can be rather drying. Again, this isn’t a massive issue as I did sort of expect it upon purchase, but when you apply it on cracked of dry lips it does seem to amplify the dryness. BUT as cheapy lipsticks go, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this shade again, I’ll just have to up my lip exfoliation game!

Now I also bought a couple more ‘daring’ shades when I was out. I’m not going to lie, I am a massive fan of Revolution makeup. I think they’re so seriously underrated, maybe because their makeup is so cheap or maybe because you can only find it in Superdrug, I do not know. Anyhow, I picked up two lip colours the first being their ‘Lip Amplification Lipgloss’ in the shade ‘Limitless’ (it’s a light charcoal-grey sorta shade). I was so surprised with both the revolution products as they were only £3 each (yeah, £3. FRIGGIN. POUNDS.) I’d never used lip products from revolution, but holy hell they are good. The grey shade I found needed a couple of coats as it could be a tiny bit patchy with just one layer, but other than that I couldn’t fault it.


The other shade I purchased was actually from Revolutions ‘Salvation Velvet Lacquer’ range in the shade ‘Velvet Depravity’ which is a gorgeous pastel-y purple colour. And may I just say now, I have been hunting EVERYWHERE for a light purple lip colour. Bar NYX who I swear are always sold out of everything I’m after, every brand I’ve tried for that pastel purple pout looks the part, but as soon as you swatch or apply to your lips the shade comes out in a much more pinky tone which is not what I’m after at all. ‘Velvet Depravity’ is honestly just the answer to my prayers. It is the perfect purple shade, but also is somehow matte with the staying power of superglue without being drying or uncomfortable at all. It stays on all day, and looks just as fresh after several hours as it did when I first put it on, I honestly cannot recommend this colour and lip range enough, it will be the best £3 you spend, promise.


So there’s my over-excited review of the products I picked up the other day, I am 100% going to be buying some more of the Velvet Lacquers soon so when I do I’ll update you on whether they’re up to the same standards as my current shades!

You can find the Lip Products I mentioned here:

‘Orange Me Gorgeous’ – Seventeen

Limitless’ – Revolution

‘Velvet Depravity’ – Revolution

P.s. If anyone has any good lip scrub/exfoliation products they could recommend, please hit me up, much appreciated!

– H
(Disclaimer, I am not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in this blogpost, I’m just a massive fangirl with too much time on my hands)