Freelance illustrator, GurlsTalk Contributor and gin drinker. We spoke to Jessica Vaughan about her work and what makes her tick.



Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Hey, I’m Jess. I’m feminist illustrator currently living in Cornwall. I like gin and love dogs.





How did you start out freelancing? Is it something you now do full time? 

I’m just finishing up my degree and I just found that freelancing was more appealing for me, I like that I get lots of different briefs and it fits in around my course. I wish I was in a place in which I did it full time. For now I also work in a bargain booze to pay rent, but fingers crossed soon I’ll be freelancing full time.





How do you come up with inspiration for new ideas?

I get my inspiration from badass women, and from watching films and tv shows. I like when a piece is relevant for whats going on and what is relevant for people.





Could you briefly tell us about your creative process, what mediums do you use etc?  

My creative process is different between personal work and commissions. When I sit down to draw for myself, I don’t do any planning ahead of time, I just have a pen and if there is a mistake I just live with it, I find that it looks more organic because it’s not perfect. When I do commissions it’s a bit different, I do research and plan out some ideas. When I’ve decided what to do and its been approved, I draw a rough sketch of what I’m doing then use a light-box, lay a new piece of marker paper (best paper for when working with fine-liners and markers) and start drawing with fine liners. Next step is usually scanning in onto my computer and adding colour then it’s done!





Have you had a favourite project to work on so far?

I do quite a lot of work with Gurls Talk and they give me fabulous articles written be great women, I just love it!





How did you find your style? Has it changed much from when you first started illustrating?

I first started working in this style about 5 years ago but there has been lots of growth and evolution as well as a stint doing Lino cutting… It was a journey to get to where my work is now but I happy and I like where it’s going.





Have you got any upcoming projects that we should look out for?

I’ve been asked to take part in ‘I didn’t ask for this: a life time of dick pics’ which is an amazing exhibition being held in San Fransisco which is super exciting especially because there are some really popular artists involved. I also have a huge commission thats just come in, so stay tuned!





If you want to check out some more of Jessicas work, you should take a look at both her website and Instagram, they’re packed with tonnes of cool illustrations and awesome commissions!