So the other day Sammy and I took a trip into the fine city that is Norwich to go bowling, and obviously also to attend the godsend that is the Pizza Hut lunch-time buffet.

If you haven’t been to this, its like £7 for ALL YOU CAN EAT, so it doesn’t get much better if you’re a pizza lover with a giant appetite.

So anyway after we had stuffed ourselves with enough pizza to feed a family of 4 we asked for the bill.
Now as we all know, it’s the 21st century, I mean women have rights and are allowed to be strong independent beings and all that. Well when I was the one to take the card machine to pay for dinner, our waiter seemed to beg a differ and actually asked Sammy outright what he had done to deserve me paying for dinner.

I mean, what do you even say to that? It was kinda ridiculous that he should have to justify why he wasn’t paying for the meal. To top off his various comments, the waiter added that I was a keeper and that Sammy should hold onto me because apparently, girls don’t usually pay for things.

I did point out to him that being in the 21st century and being in a happy equal relationship and all, that I wouldn’t expect my boyfriend to have to pay for everything…

Now I’m totally sure the guy serving us didn’t say this in deliberate bad taste, he was probably just trying to make conversation. But the fact still remains that it was a really uncomfortable experience, how are you even supposed to react to that?

Thankfully, bowling was the bomb so the day ended on a high. Did I mention I even managed to win a game? Oh yeahh.