It was only recently that I came across the increasingly popular craze of what I can only describe as ‘sanitary subscriptions’. The concept is basic enough, you sign up online to a service that once per month will deliver to your home a box of ‘period essentials’ such as sanitary products, chocolates and the odd beauty item.

Now this all sounds well and good, right? It’s that time of the month, you’re craving crappy food and hot water-bottles. So what better to arrive on your door step each month than a box of chocolates and tampons? I mean, it sounds like a pretty good concept at face value, but the more I think about it the more I can’t help but think these companies are just using our menses as a money-making gimmick.

I looked into a couple of different companies that offer the service, one of which charges £13.99 per month for the box, and that’s not even including the £2.95 P&P charge! From shopping around, the cheapest offer I could find was about £12 per month. Now I don’t want to slam the concept completely, because on paper it’s a pretty good idea. But in reality you’re paying way upwards of £12 per month for a box with a few tampons and a couple of bars of chocolate in it.

Some of the boxes do include beauty products, but if you’re like me and you’re quite picky with your makeup and skincare, this is somewhat pointless. Sure you’re receiving a product at a reduced price you probably wouldn’t be able to buy it for off the shelf, but do you actually want or need that product? It may seem appealing, but the likeliness is that half of these items will probably end up in a drawer or on a shelf somewhere unused.

I think these services rely on the cute gimmick of receiving a ‘pamper package’ each month as opposed to people actually needing them, because lets face it you would probably be better off popping down to the shop and buying a face-mask and a bar of chocolate for a couple of quid as opposed to splashing out on one of these services.

If you want a special treat for that time of the month, why not try making your own? Get a shoe-box or something and fill it up with treats and tampons so that when mother nature hits you’re prepared and have a box full of treats you will actually use and enjoy!

If anyone uses any of the subscription services, feel free to prove me wrong in the comments if you think they’re worth the money, I can be pretty cynical! I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who uses the service!