Hi, I’m Harriett.  I’m an undergrad Journalism student, freelance writer and the creator of Miilkshake.

I started this blog purely because I love writing, and just wanted a platform to share it on. I have a passion (obsession..?) with clothes and personal style and pride myself in standing out from the crowd. I hope to create a space where I can share my style and beauty tips, tricks and experiences with people!

You may have noticed I also like to write about more controversial topics. It’s something I write about regularly outside of my blog and so decided to incorporate some of my work into Miilkshake, so that whilst it’s still a style blog at heart, I also touch on deeper issues.

I want to break down the stupid notion that girls who are into style and beauty are ‘air-heads’ and open discussion on important topics.

So if you want a blog that fills your feed with quirky style and beauty, whilst also delving into more controversial topics, this is the place my friend.

I’m always open to a debate or questions, or just if you want to pop up and say hi!

If you want to get in touch with me, all my details are on the contact page!

Enjoy! x